Our Vision

To connect people to Christ and His Church like never before!

mission statement

Follow Jesus. Love People. Give Hope.

Core Values

Life in the Scriptures

We stand on the authority of God's unchanging Word. We hunger and thirst for the Scriptures because of our love for Jesus. We see the Bible as inspired, unchanging, and authoritative, and we hold tightly to the enduring promises of God.

Intentional Spiritual Growth

We are dedicated to Christ-centered life change. We invest in the lives of people and equip them to follow Jesus and embrace their identity as God's children. We connect with people, grow in faith, and serve the world with the love of Christ.

Passionate Devotion to Jesus

We invest our lives in the pursuit of Christ. We gather to worship Jesus with all that we are and live in joyful response to all that He is. We prayerfully devote ourselves to Him, resting in His grace and trusting in His faithfulness. We see Jesus as our greatest treasure and celebrate HIs incredible love.

Authentic Caring Relationships

We welcome people as friends and love them for who they are. We are a safe place to be real and to belong and serve one another with humility. We show compassion to every person because they've been made in the image of God.

Relevance for Every Generation

We adapt our methods to influence people, young and old. We invest in kids and teens and sacrifice our personal preferences to impact other generations. With servant hearts, holding to unchanging truth, we constantly improve to reach the world.

Discipleship strategy

We want you to:

  • Connect with others at Trinity.
  • Grow in your relationship with God.
  • Serve at Trinity and in the world.

It's that simple.